Thanks for visiting the website of the Kuskokwim River Watershed Council.

The intention of this website is to serve as a source of information regarding the environmental aspects of the Kuskokwim river. The Kuskokwim River is the longest free flowing river in the USA, and a rich region that Yup'ik and Athabaskan peoples rely on for their subsistence activities.

There are few places on earth where the relationship and dependence between a river, the land that drains to it, and the people is so intense and crucial as it is along this mysterious and enormously beautiful river.

The Kuskokwim and the people that live in this river can't be understood separately. We are all interconnected, and we hope you can get a glimpse of it through these pages, that grow each day thanks to the help of the people that love this amazing region of Alaska.



John Oscar, Executive Director


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